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    I am a tea manufacturer, and want to expand the sales through CTN

 how to do?

If you want to expand the sales through CTN, there are two ways to achieve it:

1.      You can put advertisement on our website, you can design the advertisement yourself, or you can tell us the content you want to put into the advertisement, we will design it for you. There are three types of the advertisement:

    (1) Word advertisement.

    (2) Picture advertisement.

    (3) Word and picture advertisement.

The charge for the advertisement is based on the type, the place and the volume of the advertisement.

2.      You can register in our website, and you will become our member (supplier). You can upload your products to our website, using words, pictures or both of them. If you don’t have your own website, we can make a website for you, and link it to our website, the searcher will find you when looking through our website page. If you have your own website, we can also link it to our website. The charge will be counted by year according to the service we offer you.


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