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   I want combining purchase

 how to do it?


   For combining purchase, we can offer not only all kinds of tea, but also other relevant things, such as tea machine, tea pot, tea food, and many other tea things. You can choose the product from this web: http://www.941907.live/english/list.htm    

For example, if you want to manufacture tea bag, we not only can supply you the tea fannings, but also can supply you the relevant products, for example , filter paper, thread, tag, tea bag machine, and etc.

The example list for packing material consumption:


Filter paper 7500bags/kg 5750bags/kg 5750bags/kg
Tag paper 10000tags/kg
Thread 20000bags/spool(4270m)
Vinayil 70000bags/kg
Envelop paper 1300bags/kg 1150bags/kg 2000bags/kg 2200bags/kg
Box Counted according to the number of bags

Notice: the consumption is collected from Untransparent OPP20, Pearl OPP35-film. Other materials will be different.

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