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Sweet tea

Chinese name:

Pin  name: Tian cha

English name:  Sweet tea

Medical Name: Rubus Suavissmus S, Lee

Taste: sweet

Characteristic of growth: perennial and wild

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1.Introduction of the plant

Wild sweet tea like Camellia, is a perennial evergreen plant. They grows in shade, the mountains steep grove , usually 1-2 meters high, diameter of 2 centimeters. Easy sweet tea cultivation, mainly to the growth of wild nature, origin in the upper reaches of the Qiantang River Zhenwu Hill. Sweet tea leaves oval, serrated margin, slightly sweet flavor, but without sugar, is naturally sweet plant, suitable for diabetics human consumption. Wild Sweet added to the effect of green tea with ordinary things and also have control of cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, anti-cancer effect, prevention of dental diseases, and efficacy, the local people for generations, in ancient times they had cooked rice dumplings with sweet tea, tea rice, tea porridge traditionally.


2.The medicinal uses of sweet tea

The sweet tea contain the sweet taste ingredient dihydrochalcone. Dihydrochalcone sweetness for sucrose 300 times, the

quantity of heat is only the sucrose 4%, and does not have the bitter taste, nontoxicity. Therefore the sweet tea is the

natural sweetening agent ideal resources which the present various countries seek. because the sweet tea also includes

materials and so on tea polyphenol, selenium, germanium, simultaneously have the ordinary green tea's effect. It is

cancer,prevention heart cerebrovascular disease, prevention pollen allergy the effect and so on has against cancer, to

treathealth care tea.


3.The preparation of sweet tea

Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 teaspoons for every 500ml of water. Infuse in hot water at 90 to 95 for 2 to 4 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.

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