Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea

Liu An Gua Pian Tea: 六安瓜片
Where to make: in An'hui province.

 Liu An Gua Pian Tea Considered one of China "10 Famous Teas", Liu An Guapian is a hearty green tea with a fresh, lightly floral aroma, sweet taste and hint of smokiness.

Also known as "Melon Seed", the shape of this tea is especially distinctive, resembling a sunflower seed. After picking the bud and two leaves from the plant, the teamaker cuts the bud and any stem from the leaves, creating equal-sized single leaf pieces. These carefully cut leaves are then pan-fired over low heat, creating a tea with bright green colored leaves and a flavor that is rich and full-bodied.

Origin: China, Anhui Province. Certified Organic.

Brewing Recommendation: Use 1 tablespoon per 6 oz cup. Heat water until steaming (170 - 180º F). Let steep 2-3 minutes. Good for multiple infusions




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