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Yan Dang Mao Feng


  Name:   Yan Dang Mao Feng  (雁蕩毛峰)
Origin:   Leqing,Zhejiang
Sort: Green Tea

Brief Introduction:

Yandang Mao Feng is produced in Yandang Mountains which sits in Leqing City,Zhejiang Province.It is one kind of famous green tea,and it is runk as tribute in Ming Dynasty.

The form of the tea is slim and tight,quality is tender, floss is hidden,the soup is bright and aqua, aroma is full-bodied,taste is good.the leaf will not sinking in water.It has the reputation of “three -year amaranthine gold bud”.

The processes of making Yandang Mao Feng include:fanning,reducing green,kneading, carding,baking and picking.



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