Globe Amaranth Flower (Qi Ri Hong)











Type of Chinese Tea: Flower Tea and Herb tea

Taste of Tea: This Globe Amaranth has a sweet, mellow and refreshing taste with a pure and fresh and quietly elegant fragrance.

Chinese Tea Description: Globe Amaranth originally grows in the tropics. It is a sun plant. It is resistant to dry heat but not to cold. It also grows in neutral soil which is both porous and fertile. In addition, Globe Amaranth is an annual herbaceous plant. This product selects top quality raw material. The shape of the flowers is even and complete and the colour purplish red. It also has a faint smell of pure fragrance.

Tea Storage: Stores the Globe Amaranth in a cool and dry place where there is no direct sunlight.

Tea Brewing Guide: Use 2-3 Globe Amaranth and brew with boiling water. Can also be brewed with other Flower Teas and Tea Leaves

Health Benefits of Tea: Efficacious for nourishing one's looks, taking good care of skin, treating "Yin" deficiency and regulating the menstrual function.


Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 teaspoons for every 500ml of water. Infuse in hot water at 90℃ to 95℃ for 2 to 4 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.


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