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Main introduction:

This tea machine of complete set for CTC black broken tea processing is a whole product line of comprehensive, continuous which combines together with the initial, final and refined processing function. The continuous production level is high and the time-consuming is short; from withering of the fresh tea leaves to finished products, it could be finished in around 2 hours. This machine is with high-efficiency and guarantees the high-quality of the tea products, which satisfies the requirements of the international tea market.

You will find out that the concentration of tea dust is very low, the mechanical noise is small, and all of these machines comply with food hygiene standards. All of the components and spare parts are made in China; and these machines are easy to maintenance and repair. Our price is quite low and competitive, which is one-fifth of the price of same machines from British, or three-quarters of the price of same machines from India. Black broken tea which processed by these machines, is with high quality, and the color, aroma taste and appearance are very good. The taste is heavy and strong, and the color of the brew is red bright.

Processing of black broken tea:

Fresh tea leaves → withering → Vibration-delivery conveyor → The Rotoorvane machine →Triple CTC unit →Ventilation continuous fermentation machine → Fluidized bed dryer → Vibration groove and Leather belt conveyer → Static friction stems sorting machine → Final product

Main Specifications:

1. Annual production capacity: 500 tons ~ 750 tons

2. Fresh leaves’ productivity of the machine per hour: 1200 kg / set/ unit

3. The moisture of the products after processing: < 6%

More about black tea production line

Operating Instruction CTC Triad Rolling Cutting Machine(English)

Operating Instruction CTC Triad Rolling Cutting Machine(Chinese)

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