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TEA AND HEALTH  Can I Drink Strong Tea?

   Tea is made strong when more than 3 or 4 grams, the quantity in common use, of dry tea is put in one cup of water. Strong tea is not suitable for many people. For instance, drinking strong tea at night causes insomnia, tachycardiac heart trouble, gastric ulcer, neurasthenic, etc. So who is weak or has a chill stomach should not drink strong tea. Otherwise the illness could be aggravated. In addition, strong tea leads to distress of stomach when it is empty, even results in heart-throb and queasiness, symptoms called Tea Inebriation which could be eliminated by taking some water or sweets.

However tea of certain strength is drinkable. Such strong tea is good for heart and lung, helps sober up and digest fatness, and sometimes is used as prescription of hypothermia, detoxifcation, diuresis and clearing out phlegm. It may surely benefit people with inflammation and who drink, smoke and eat too much.

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