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Chinese Black Tea

Black tea is a completely fermented tea. During the production process of black tea, the leaves are changed substantially, allowing the characteristic flavors of black tea - ranging from flowery to fruity, nutty and spicy -- to emerge. When black tea brewed, it produces a rich red color and strong flavor.

In America and Europe, drinkers are more likely to add milk and honey to their teas, while in Asia, tea is usually taken by itself. Whatever the method, this is by far the most well known form of the beverage.

Black tea is the most popular tea in the world. Black tea accounts for over 90% of the tea consumption in the western world. Black tea is the tea most widely used in making iced tea and English.

The best brands of Chinese black tea are Qihong of Anhui , Dianhong of Yunnan, Suhong of Jiangsu, Chuanhong of Sichuan and Huhong of Hunan.

Hunan black tea enjoys good reputation in international market, by its dark color, lasting aroma, fragrant taste and bright liquid. Black tea is a staple tea for export in Hunan and holds an important position in China.

Qi Men Black Tea


     Name: Qi Men Black Tea( 祁門紅茶

     Origin:Qi Men, Anhui

     Sort: Black Tea




Brief Introduction:

Qi Men Black Tea is produced in Qi Men county, Anhui province.

The average height of Qi Men is six hundred meters, the climate is wet and the rain is profusion, all the ascendant natural conditions are suit to the tea plant.

The form of the tea is tight and uniform, the color is black and smooth, and the smell is like honey sugar and orchids, the soup is red and bright.

The time of picking Qi Men Black Tea is summer and autumn, the standard is one bud with two leaves.

The main processes of making Qi Men Black tea include: first-making, kneading, ferment, etc.

The function of Qi Men Black Tea: enhance spirits, eliminate tiredness, eliminate thirsty, diuresis, diminish inflammation, sterilize, detoxification, decrease blood sugar and blood fattiness, repel cancer, repel radicalization.

Dian Hong Black Tea

      Name: Dian Hong(滇紅)


      Sort:Black Tea





Brief Introduction:

Dina Hong is produced in Yunnan province, it is one of the famous black tea in world tea market.

The buds of the tea is stout and strong with golden floss, the taste is fresh and sweet.
The picking standard of Dian Hong is one bud with two leaves or three leaves.

The main processes of making Dian Hong include: fading, kneading, ferment, dryness
Dian Hong Black tea is mainly sold to Russia, Poland and West Europe, North America. When drinking Dian Hong, people usually add sugar and milk, the aroma is still dense.

The function of Dian Hong include: enhance spirits, eliminate tiredness, decrease blood fattiness, good to assimilation and warm up stomach, etc.


      Name: LAPSANG SOUCHONG( 正山小種)


      Sort:Black Tea






Brief Introduction:

LAPSANG SOUCHONG belonged to black tea. It is firstly produced in Tong Mu area, Chong An county, Fujian province. LAPSANG SOUCHONG is the earliest black in the world, it has about 400 years history.

The climate of the area that produce LAPSANG SOUCHONG is cold, the rainfall is above 2300mm each year, the relative humidity is 80~85%,there are about 100 foggy days, the sunshine is short, the period of frost is long.

The buds of LAPSANG SOUCHONG are stout and strong, tight and straight. the color is black, the soup is red, the taste just like longan soup. After adding milk, the aroma still keep.

The main processes of making LAPSANG SOUCHONG include: picking, fading, kneading, ferment, frying, re-kneading, baking and choice, etc.



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